About the faculty of civil engineering

The Faculty of Civil Engineering began as the College of Civil Engineering in 1969. In 1971 it started its programme in Civil Engineering as a part of the Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka and in 1976 as an independent Faculty of Civil Engineering.

The Faculty provides high-quality education of professionals in the area of civil engineering and the related disciplines. During its 40 years of history about 1200 students graduated from the university study programme and 1400 students graduated from the vocational study programme, while 12 students were awarded the title of Master of Sciences in Civil Engineering.
In 2005 the Faculty commenced the Bachelor and Master degree study programmes in Civil Engineering (University undergraduate and graduate studies) as well as the Vocational Bachelor and Graduate Specialist (Coastal Constructions and Infrastructure Systems) study programmes in Civil Engineering. All study programmes were designed in accordance with the Bologna principles and accredited by the Ministry of Science, Education and the Sport in 2005.


Faculty Mission
Faculty mission is education and professional developement of academic staff from the field of civil engineering and related technical and natural-science branches of knowledge based on principles of scientific work and higher education inseparability.
Mission is also to promote civil engineering profession and raise awareness about its significance for sustainable developement within wider community by simultaneously promoting academic principles and contributing to developement of the city, region and Republic of Croatia.
The Faculty acts upon principles of academic integrity and professional ethics, academic freedom, public responisbility and equal opportunities for all staff members and students and accepts international quality standard sin assesing its activities.
Faculty Vision
The Faculty sees itself in the future as an active and internationally recognized factor in promoting the existing and creating new knowledge in the field of civil engineering and related scientific branches through synergy with higher education at all levels based on learning outcomes and life-long education.
In its path, the Faculty will continue its active cooperation with other University constituents and University of Rijeka programmes by promoting competence, creativity and professional nad social accountability of its staff and students. The Faculty will also promote cooperation with public institutions and business partners and be involved in European and world research and higher education field through international cooperation and mobility programmes.