Science and Research


Active projects:
NAME:   " Multi-scale concrete model with parameter identification (ConcreteMuSclD)"
Programme: Croatian Science Foundation – Research project (IP 11-2013-9068)
Project manager: Ivica Kožar
Duration: 1.9.2014-31.8.2018
Budget: 970.000,00 HRK
NAME:  "Configuration-dependent in non-linear finite-element analysis of structures (CANFAS)"
Programme: Croatian Science Foundation – Research project (IP 11-2013-1631)
Project manager: Gordan Jelenić
Duration: 1.9.2014-31.8.2018
Budget: 938.478,00 HRK
NAME:  "Življenje-Voda!/Život-Voda!" - ŽIVO
Programme: OP SI-HR 2007-2013
Project manager: Josip Rubinić
Duration: 1.1.2014 - 17.9.2015.
Budget: 63.426,89 EUR

NAME:  "Networking for Drinking Water Supply in Adriatic Region“ – DRINKADRIA
Programme: IPA ADRIATIC CBC 2007-2013
Project manager: Barbara Karleuša
Duration: 29 months
Budget: 159.000,00 EUR

NAME:  CEEStructHealth - Centre of Excellence for Structural Health
Project manager: Ivica Kožar
Duration: 24 months
Budget: 161.217,83 EUR (total budget)

NAME:  Evidence based characterisation of dynamic sensitivity for multiblock structures – computational simulation and experimental validation
Project manager: Nenad Bićanić
Duration: 24 months
Budget: 1 521 397,00 HRK (total budget)

University of Rijeka Research Funding:

Name of the research project:

Research team leader: Budget:
Complex Dynamic Networks: theory and application Boris Podobnik 40.000,00 HRK
Damage Assessment and strengthening of structures Nenad Bićanić 82.000,00 HRK
Multi-resolution structure modelling with parameter identification Ivica Kožar 78.000,00 HRK
Water resources Hydrology and flood risk and mud flows identification in karst area Nevenka Ožanić 72.000,00 HRK
Developement of landslides and early warning monitoring systems for landslides hazard reduction Željko Arbanas 50.000,00 HRK
Slim beam spatial structures testing with model validation emphasis Gordan Jelenić 38.000,00 HRK
Geo-hazard in Kvarner Bay area Čedomir Benac
35.000,00 HRK
Development of new methodologiesin water and soil management in karstic, sensitive and protected areas Barbara Karleuša 33.000,00 HRK
Carbonate rocks behaviour study for purposes of trilinear strength criteria demonstration Ivan Vrkljan 20.000,00 HRK
Developement of structures with increased earthquake reliability Mehmed Čaušević 28.000,00 HRK
Establishment of „performace“ concepti decision-making system in public facilities Diana Car-Pušić 26.000,00 HRK
Architecture of Rijeka and Rijeka region as resource – history, condition and revitalization possibilities Nana Palinić 24.000,00 HRK
Sustainable design of pavement structures in urban area Aleksandra Deluka-Tibljaš 20.000,00 HKR


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